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The Ultimate Adventure for
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They went before you 🤩

Packrafting: a unique way of team building

Welcome to Packraft Travel, the place where adventure and team building come together to provide an unforgettable experience for your team.
Packrafting is increasingly popular as a team building activity and for good reason! Hike, bike and paddle through the beautiful German Eifel or the beautiful Luxembourg Müllerthal and let your team step out of their comfort zone and overcome obstacles. Literally and figuratively.

Are you looking for a unique and sporty way to strengthen the bonds within your team? Then packrafting is the perfect solution.

Eric van Dooren
Eric van Dooren
4 October 2023
Super goed geeegeld en echt tof eens wat anders de omgeving te verkennen 🙏❤️
Fenna Deters
Fenna Deters
28 September 2023
Super goed georganiseerd! Twee hele mooie routes gehiked en ge-raft, en op een heerlijke plek overnacht in een glamping-tent. Voor mensen die houden van natuur en een uitdaging zeker een aanrader!
Ursula Kraaijvanger
Ursula Kraaijvanger
22 September 2023
Het was zwaar maar fantastisch. We hadden drie dagen prachtig weer. Dit had wij niet willen missen
Maddalena Giacomozzi
Maddalena Giacomozzi
21 September 2023
very nice weekend, sporty and fun. Equipment is great, instructor really nice. I was happy thought we brought our own food and didn't get the adventure package 😉
Philip Klingeleers
Philip Klingeleers
18 September 2023
Zeer leuke en avontuurlijke vakantie. Fijne afwisseling tussen het hiken/ biken en raften. Aanrader!

Packraft custom adventure

At Packraft Travel, we like to put together a packraft adventure that fits your team’s exact needs and abilities. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing or challenging trail, opt for a day trip or a multi-day expedition, want to spend the night in a luxury glamping tent or go back to basics … we make sure every aspect of your packrafting experience is perfectly planned. This way, every moment becomes an opportunity for your team to grow, learn and make unforgettable memories together.

Add extra lodging, catering or activities? We do!

Contact us for a custom quote!

Team building benefits

Packrafting offers a host of team building benefits that go beyond just a sports outing. By taking on the packraft adventure together, your team members will:

  •  Improve communication skills
  •  Build mutual trust
  •  Foster cooperation
  •  Develop leadership skills
  •  Learn to resolve conflicts
  •  Create a stronger bond
  •  And make unforgettable memories together

Packrafting: Stronger together

Discover how packrafting enhances dynamics and bonding between team members.

Packrafting is not only heart-pounding fun, it offers teams a chance to learn to work better together, reflect on what you really want to achieve or critically examine daily actions and choices, without the distraction of phones, emails or appointments.

Packrafting can improve team cooperation by creating shared experiences and challenges. By working together to navigate rivers, team members learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They also develop more effective communication and collaboration strategies.

Packraft Travel provides a relaxed environment in which team members can discuss and resolve conflicts. By facing challenges and overcoming obstacles together, team members can build mutual respect and understanding, reducing conflict and finding effective solutions.

Activities such as packraft races, navigational exercises and joint trips are perfect for team building. These activities require cooperation, communication and trust between team members making them ideal for building a strong(er) team.

In addition to improved team dynamics, team members also benefit personally from packrafting by developing skills such as problem-solving, stress management and increased self-confidence.

meet your teambuilder


Harko jan

Specialist team builder

About Harko-Jan
As an officer in the Marine Corps, Harko-Jan knows better than anyone what is necessary to achieve appealing team performance under challenging circumstances. Insights and lessons learned within the Marine Corps, including his further deepening of the theme of team development, he now shares with organizations that believe in true development of people and organization.

Harko-Jan guides teams in an unorthodox no-nonsense way. His strength lies in allowing individuals and teams to see and experience as yet unknown possibilities. Harko-Jan knows how to win people over by inspiring them and giving them confidence. He also knows how to mirror managers in a respectful way. Preferably outside in nature. There nature is the boss and we have to adapt to nature.

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Make sure to add the expedition foodpack to your booking to start your day off with a lovely fresh breakfast. Stay nourished and full of energy with various snacks, energy bars and freeze dried expedition meals for lunch and dinner.


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